new wireless system for office

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we are looking for a new wireless system for our office. we need to connect a very large number of devices (the office is on two floors). these are smartphones, tablets and laptops, and computers. need wifi 5 support, but wifi 6 support is a plus.
I would like to hear advice from those who really understand, from personal experience. because contacting any company will not bring the desired advice, I think (usually you are offered what is more profitable to sell)
I will be glad to hear any suggestions.
Regards, Kylie
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Well, define "large number". We use Aruba AP-535 (600$) and AP-555 (800$) + their internal controllers in seminar rooms and lecture halls, or even some Grandstream GWN7630 (100$) access points in our libraries. You want definitely access points with "airtime fairness" and 802.11k/v/r roaming support. Use as many access points as possible, use 20 MHz channels also on 5 GHz, disable 2.4GHz channels on access points where needed, ...
For more hints take a look at Aruba´s Very high density (VHD) 802.11ac wireless network design and deployment basics and PDF files, aswell: Very High Density 802.11ac Networks Validated Reference Design
You don´t need Aruba for this... There are many other vendors.


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Yes, a 'very large number of devices' needs to be defined. As is the need to state how many wireless and how many wired is required, today. The size of the area to be covered, along with the construction materials used are important to note too.

Don't listen to just a single company. Get quotes from all available in your area. Along with the tips and hints members can provide here, you will find someone you're comfortable giving this contract to if you don't intend to deploy it yourself.

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