Newbie question please. How to VPN Client config Asus RT-87U to allow zoom services

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How do I configure the router/vpn client to allow zoom basic services. After enabling VPN client (Private Internet Access) yesterday, everything is fine except for zoom services. I can no longer use zoom. It returns the 5003 error. I went to zoom website and found this (url below), but I don't have the experience to apply in router. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I run Merlin Firmware Version:384.13_1


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You might want to stick to one post only. Double posting is generally frowned upon.

Knowing what router you have (and therefore knowing what firmware you should use) as well as your VPN configuration would also help in providing you with a proper answer.

Without knowing more, can you simply bypass the VPN for that device or are you limited for some reason? Personally, I only route traffic from a few specific devices through the VPN although ít is possible to filter in other ways too.


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If everything was working fine before the use of the VPN, and Zoom didn't require *you* to manually configure port forwarding over the WAN, then all I can assume is Zoom was using UPnP to configure port forwarding. But UPnP typically doesn't work over anything other than the WAN. And even if it did work over the VPN, many (perhaps most) VPN providers don't support port forwarding anyway. Under such circumstances, you may be forced to use PBR (policy based routing) to exclude the Zoom device from the VPN.

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