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Node Configuration Setup and wiring

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Looking for some sugestions
I have a 3 story home with cable internet and AX86U as main router (2Floor), AX58U (1st floor) as first node and AC68U (basement) as second nore. The setup is as follows
  • My house has wired ethernet from the basement utility room to 2 ETH ports in the basemenet, 2 ETH ports on the1 floor and 2 ETH ports on the 2 Floor. Ports are distant (not on same jack). All these ports are connected via an ethernet switch
  • Cable modem is located on 2 Floor and conexted to AX86U, wired eth to basement through switch and then through wire to AX58U and AC68U
  • Most clients are on second floor and first floor. Seldom anybody goes to the basement
All works well
However, I just signed up for fiber internet. I am waiting for it to be installed but I was thinking I have to rethink the whole thing again. I am not sure how the install goes but I assume they will leave the fibre terminal on the utility room on the basement.
Before, I was able to leverage the cable wire to bring the cable modem to second floor without using an eth wire. So I have the AX86U on 2nd floor right next to the coax /cable modem and also next to eth outlet (going down to the basement where it would go to the rest of the home)
I am thinking my options. I still want wired backhaul
  1. I can get yet another asus / 3rd party router (maybe disable wifi) and put it in the utility room as main node and connect to the other nodes? Cost + performance implications?
  2. Find a way to add eth wire in the basement so have a ethernet outlet with two ports, move AX86U here and connect WAN from fibre terminal and return LAN to distribute to other points via switch ? Some hustle wiring, avoid performance hit but put main router in an area with not people :)
You have answered your own question. You need one Ethernet wire from the new ONT to your main router and one Ethernet wire back to your switch. How you are going to do it depends on what's possible in your place. If more wires in not possible or not practical then you need to place the main router where the new ONT and switch are.
Ok, I think It maybe a little simpler. I think the technician puts the node wherever you ask them. However it is up to you how much drilling / holes you want to tolerate and how much wire you want to have running tucked agains the wall
The basement is super simple, I have an eth port on the wall next to utility room so that can be done super quick, safely. No wiring for me.
I rather have it go to 2nd floor or 1st floor next to ethernet port but don't want to have cables too visible ( it is not a straight shot up to get to where the ethernet ports are)

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