Noontec TerraMaster F2-220 NAS Reviewed

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Mr. Easy
Staff member
TerraMaster's F2-220 Cloud Storage NAS has a good feature set, but isn't a good value in a two-bay RAID 1 NAS.

Read on SmallNetBuilder


Part of the Furniture
No accounting for originality on their "TerraMaster" logo...


Looks like a nice little box for a 2-bay Intel NAS... odd choice with single channel DDR and a Realtek NIC...

Looks like they're using the onboard SATA for the two bays... which would explain the USB flash boot..


Part of the Furniture
Compared to the DS216+, TS-251+, or the AS5002T - these are all similar in config (CPU, base memory, number of drives)

There is a value perhaps with this device, but like the review mentions, it's a tough section of the market...

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