NTP Server - serving too early after restart


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When the router is restarting, if it's configured as NTP server, it appears that it starts serving the time before it knows it, so LAN clients get "zero" time. Maybe it would be right step to ensure that NTP server does not start until router has set its own clock.
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I may be not every time, subject to the race and timing of the clients' asking for the time. I saw it once, noticed when desktop computer's clock suddenly became years ago, after I just restarted the router.

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I did not think too much of it at the time, but I did have this happen to me on 386.1. I noticed it when a RasPi failed to get correct time when I turned it on. Nothing I could do could get the RasPi to get the right time until I rebooted the router.

I never thought about it then, but should have took a log snap shot to report. Little late now. But to help in trouble shooting, can you post your logs showing the event to help the developer?

In the end, I installed ntpMerlin from JackYaz and have not had an issue since.

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