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Odd wired slow speed issue with RT-AC3100

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Senior Member
I have an RT-AC3100 running the latest Merlin firmware. If I run a wireless speed test on my MacBook Air I get around 400 mbps.
I have a Moca bridge connected to port 6 on the router and if I run a wired speed test from my Mac with a usb-c to ethernet adapter connected to a switch on a second Moca 2.0 bridge I get around 475 mbps.

If I plug the Mac directly into the router though I get around 290 mbps which makes absolutely no sense. I tried two different ports with the same result. The web page is reporting both the Moca Bridge and the Mac are using a Gbps connection.

How is it possible to get much faster speeds running through the Moca bridge connected to the router than connecting directly to the router?

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