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Offload OpenVPN to Raspberry Pi 5 versus using my AXE16000 for site-site?

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So I was able about a year ago to set up a site to site openvpn setup between my home and our weekend house, which is great since i can now use that setup to do things like backup to a backup NAS and do other tasks. I run Merlin on both routers (AXE16000 on either end).

Never really worried about speed or load on either router (one is a client and one set up as server). I had started to work on setting a client to my main site wireguard implementation so when I am on and about on iphones, etc., I can use wireguard which seems lighter and faster, but noticed right away degredation in throughput for my other clients, so decided to shut down the server through the Asus router (I did notice a warning about NAT Acceleration being unavailable on the ASUS router if I have a wireguard server running).

Instead I set up a Raspberry pi 4 to offload the wireguard server and that seems to work just fine. Which is great. But it got me wondering - what is better, to keep my site/site setup with OpenVPN and the two Asus routers (which just works), or would it also be better/simpler to offload the openvpn site-site (using AES-256 encryption) to at least the server running on a new Raspberry pi 5 which i understand has hardware that really revs up its speed for openvpn.

Sorry a bit of a n00b here on this stuff, was more tech saavy 20 years ago but only recently for fun started to play around with things like this again.

Truthfully for my remote location, I am only able to use Starlink, so the speed of that connection isn't huge (download ~200mpbs, upload ~10-20mpbs). At my home I have a Gig verizon fios connection. So would think maybe switching off openvpn to a dedicated raspberry pi setup really wouldn't make a difference even if it could have faster throughput given my Starlink connection. Rather seems like limiting it to just my wireguard implementation is the right move, but curious what folks thinl.

Thanks in advance!
Yes, your Starlink connection is the weak point here. Almost any implementation you do will easily outclass the 10-20Mbps upload capacity it has (and you'll see that limit on the 'download' side at the other end, of course).
That was my suspicion. Any reason to still try to offload the openvpn site to site off of my router? I didn't really see any reason to. As opposed to the wireguard issues with NAT acceleration, didn't seem like there were similar concerned with openvpn.

It does feel to me that for my use of wireguard with end clients as I travel around where internet speeds won't be affected by Starlink, possibly upgrading my stall to a Pi 5 eventually may be worth it given what i have read in terms of the limited feedback of some impressive boosts to performance on a pi 5 versus the pi 4.

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