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Hi. First-time poster, long-time lurker. If I've posted this in the wrong place, please let me know where I should be..

I have an issue with my OpenVPN throughput, where I'm not getting anywhere near the speeds I should. Here are my setup details (more detail available upon request):

  • VPS Server (Ubuntu 20.04), running OpenVPN 2.4.7. Bandwidth reported by speedtest-cli is generally ~250Mbps down / ~300Mbps up - (London, UK)
  • RT-AC86U, running Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_6 (Helsinki, Finland)
  • ISP is 200/20
At the most conservative estimates, I believe I should expect to get at least 50% of my available bandwidth, but I'm getting max 40Mbps download from the the router speedtests, and also from speedtest-cli on connected clients. I'm maxing out the upload, but that's only 20Mbps.

I'm happy to provide any info needed, if anyone can point me in the right direction - I bought the RT-AC86U because of the hardware AES-NI capability, but that doesn't seem to have improved things much from my previous setup on an RT-N66U, so I'm a little stumped on what to look at next.

EDIT: I have tried non-standard ports, and that didn't make a difference, so I guess that rules out the ISP throttling traffic on that port.
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Try switching between UDP and TCP. For some reason, newer Broadcom SDKs seem to have a throughput issue with one of these two - can't remember which one.


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Try switching between UDP and TCP. For some reason, newer Broadcom SDKs seem to have a throughput issue with one of these two - can't remember which one.
Thanks for the super quick response :)

Switching to TCP gained me ~15Mbps, so I'm now up to ~55Mbps down, but I think the issue might be with my VPS..

I just connected my Macbook directly via the "OpenVPN Connect" app, using a new generated profile, and the speeds are the same (including the increase when switching to TCP), which would seem to rule out the router as the bottleneck.

I don't suppose anyone knows of any tips to improve OpenVPN server speeds..???


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Connect to a faster server.


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I'll reply to myself in case this is of interest to anyone else. This (5 year-old) thread over at the pfSense forums details a way to get a theoretical benchmark for OpenVPN, but my results are wildly out of line with what's posted there, and seem to suggest I should have a 2Gbps theoretical throughput, which I most certainly do not have :(


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I believe OpenVPN is single core even on x86 platforms. With some luck I can see 350Mbps on my SG-5100 firewall. 2Gbps - I don't know, Core i9 at 5GHz perhaps. For high VPN speeds you have to look at IPsec and Wireguard. OpenVPN is secure, but very CPU demanding.


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Ok, this story turned out pretty well. I've gone from ~40Mbps/20Mbps (up/down) to ~110Mbps/20Mbps with a combination of tweaks - thank you to everyone who gave hints :)

Here's what I did, in case anyone else is in the same boat:
  1. Switched VPS provider :) - took me to ~60/20
  2. Switched to TCP - took me to ~80/20
  3. Moved the client from slot 2 to slot 1 - took me to ~110/20
A side note. This thread about benchmarking OpenVPN speeds is obsolete now, I guess. If I run the commands there, I get the following results:
real 0m0.632s
user 0m0.620s
sys 0m0.012s

Overall, pretty happy. Thanks for listening!
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Thanks for following up!

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