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ORICO items are no longer quality items.

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I've purchased different latest models of 5 ORICO 3.5' HDD Enclosures for testing purpose. I've purchased them, because they support 20TB and AUTO Sleep Mode after 10 mins. 3 of them are defective. :mad: 1 is damaged. 2 of SATA ports are bent. It's impossible to unbend. I returned them all. Product quality is horrible. USB hubs are worse. Their newest USB hubs are cheaply made old plastic toys like my grandpa had played. Do not trust the pictures and reviews. The real one is completely different from the picture.

Top metal plates are funny. A top plate has 2 layers. Top(1st layer) is a metal plate. The second layer is PLASTIC. So the plastic layer covers
HDD. What the...:eek:

Only top is a metal plate. Rest of parts are cheaply made plastic.

Only top is a metal plate. Rest of parts are cheaply made plastic.

All plastic.
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USB AUTO Sleep Mode Test Result(these enclosures have own Auto Sleep Mode): Doesn't work.
I think ASUS Routers keep sending USB wake up signal 24 hours a day. :mad:
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