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Outdoor Marina Wireless Access

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I need to set up wireless access for my uncle's marina. It is not a very busy place as far as quantity of people, not like a coffee shop environment like someone else recently posted. It is also in the middle of nowhere so nothing else to compete with for signal other than landscape. Probably no more than 10 users at a time would be connected. Clients would be outdoors and likely be using 802.11g do to the prevelance and popularity. Several users would be down a steep hill (20-30ft down) but minimal interference other than some trees.


- Range, best range possible, at least 200 should be good anything more the better.
- Would be nice to have guest access portal/ability.

Can I go consumer or should I look at business grade? Price could be an issue, would like to stay below $200-$300. If business grade really the best option I can make it clear to him to spend more money or don't do it. For consumer grade was looking at Belkin N+, seems to have decent reviews for range and has guest portal. Since clients will most be G, I have a feeling multiple AP's might be the only choice to extend range?

They use a good old linksys wrt54g and it just doesnt get out past the house very far so unusable for what they want.


Thank you!
If possible, use a cable and place second access point/router down the hill.

I read not so good reviews about Belkin routers, I would buy different brand.
Vaporizer Reviews
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I assume that the router/AP will be indoors? I suggest that you use a router that allows you to swap out the antenna for a higher gain unit. If all clients will be in one direction, get a panel antenna with at least 12 dBi gain. Get it right up against a window facing the marina. Or better yet mount it outside with as short a cable as you can manage.

You might also look at an outdoor AP like a PepWave PolePoint.
Thanks for the useful info. I was looking at the PepWave. Clients will be one direction or the other, long length but short width for coverage. The house in in the middle. Worst case it could be one direction and he will have to live with using the computer in the house for his business instead of out in the garage which is the other direction from the marina.
Without a doubt....commercial grade. And I wouldn't try to limit it to that low of a price range.

You'll want outdoor with a high gain pole.

I've yet to get my hands on the Pepwave units...I'm hoping to give them a shot on some project coming up. I have setup several of the outdoor Linksys/Cisco units, combined with their extra long high gain poles that look like the fat 1/2 of a beefy fishing pole. Great units.

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