ovpn-client1[20433]: AEAD Decrypt error: cipher final failed


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I keep seeing this error message while using openvpn in the latest stable firmware....should I be concerned?


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A little more context would help.

OpenVPN client or server? If the former, is it to your own server or a commercial OpenVPN provider's server? Is OpenVPN connection still functional, or does it stop it from working? Is this a brand new client/server configuration, or a carryover from prior firmware? (i.e., from an upgrade)? If the latter, dirty of clean upgrade (e.g., 386.3_2 -> 386.4)?

Might help to see the syslog as well, so we can see the error in context (post it to pastebin).

IOW, no one can help without having the bigger picture of how you got here.

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