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OVPN not loading AXE16000

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Hey everyone, I have an AXE16000, running 388.1 WireGuard seems to be running fine. However OpenVPN won’t connect. I’ve tried uploading 3 different providers and none will load. It just loads to 100% then reloads the page but it stays off. I know it’s not the config as it’s worked on my phone via OpenVPN. I know that the username and password are copper that too. The system log says this.

Feb 25 18:22:55 rc_service: httpd 16712:notify_rc start_vpnclient1
Feb 25 18:22:55 rc_service: waitting "restart_letsencrypt" via service ...
Feb 25 18:23:10 rc_service: skip the event: start_vpnclient1.

i have turned ddns off and also letsencrypt

any ideas Welcomed. Thanks.

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