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Clark Griswald

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More proof to me that pfSense isn't what I want running/protecting my network. Unless I get their hardware too. :)

Only 2 million installs are also making me raise my eyebrows too! (And with only 'at least half' still being used).

Thanks, @Clark Griswald for this post. I may start concentrating my searches elsewhere for splitting the routing and Wi-Fi duties in my network (once again).

Clark Griswald

Senior Member
I thought about pfsense, yet I can't convince The Wife we "need" an AX86U, then I certainly couldn't work in an xg7100 to run Pfsense +


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They aren’t abandoning community edition and even “pfSense Plus” will be free of charge for non commercial purposes on non-negate devices/appliances if one fully reads their announcement, or in their words:

“We plan to make pfSense Plus available for use on 3rd party hardware and select virtual machines by June 2021, if not sooner.

There will be a no charge path for home and lab use and a chargeable version for commercial use.”

... don’t see anything too problematic. They also sponsor and have devs working in FreeBSD. I can see them wanting to improve cash inflows for their efforts, Netgate is a company after all. Open source fans however I can understand will be dissatisfied with this new divergence between Plus/FE and CE.

Aside from maybe OpenWRT, Im sure other free products like ipfire, vyos, OPNSense etc probably won’t have too many installs either, doesn’t make them bad products they are bit more niche with this one particularly not really being oriented for the average home user so obviously a much lower user base. Much better than the muk that is in home routers and far more stable in general.
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@avtella thank you for pointing out and correcting my assumptions. 366 eyes are better than (my) two (going by the 183 views on this thread so far). :)

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