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Planex MZK-NAS02SG

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New Around Here
I am looking into a 2 bay nas, (finally gave up the fight to look for a 4 bay my budget could handle) I was curious if anyone has had experience with the Planex MZK-NAS02SG. It looks like a nice set of features for the price at newegg, but I can't see any reviews.

Will small netbuilder be reviewing this product?

Or would I be better off chosing a dlink dns 323 or hammer hn1200 the a planex? Any other suggestions, I need it to at least use samba and be able to swap both drives as time goes by.

Sorry, but I doubt we'll be reviewing the Planex.

If cost is a primary consideration, the DNS-323 is a decent choice. Or maybe the D-Link DNS-321 (not officially announced yet).
Is there a reason it looked like a nice piece of hardware? Will the company not send out a device for review?

I am seriously considering the dns 323 I will look into the 321.

Thanks small net builder is a great resource
We can't review everything. We tend to avoid "me too" products, from lesser-known manufacturers with limited distribution.

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