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Plex media server bypass openVPN

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I had this working for several years and it just recently stopped after I had to reset my router. I thought I had everything set up correctly but I guess not.

Here is my setup:

MacMini: running PLEX
Router: ASUS RT-AC5300 with most recent merlin firmware (384.13)

Here is my router config.

VPN Client:


WAN - Virtual Server/Port Forwarding:


When I go to my MacMini and do a "what is my IP" I get the IP of the VPN which is correct. The problem is when I run PLEX and look at the remote access it is still trying to connect using the VPN IP (which fails to connect) instead of my ISP IP. I can't figure out if I am missing something. When I turn off the VPN PLEX connects using the ISP IP and works correctly. I want the MacMini to route all traffic through the VPN except for the PLEX server traffic which I want to go through the local IP.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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