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Port forwarding for client connected to OpenVPN server

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It seems like I just can't get my laptop and smartphone to communicate through my companies local network.
I am trying to sync these devices via syncthing on the local network.

What I can do is to connect them to my syncthing installation on my home server.
So I could sync both devices by using my home server as a middle man.

But I thought about a different solution:
My laptop is always connected to the OpenVPN server on my router.
Since I can connect to my home server (which is behind my router) I thought I should also be able to connect to my laptop (which will be behind my router since it uses the OpenVPN server).
But for that I would need to somehow forward the port like this (syncthing port = 1234):

STATIC_WAN_IP:1234 -> forward to -> local IP of my laptop which is connected via OpenVPN
That means my laptop also needs a static local OpenVPN IP.

I would then tell syncthing on my phone to connect to my STATIC_WAN_IP:1234 which should end up being my laptop behind my routers VPN server?

But I somehow can't make this work. Is my idea maybe not do-able?

Anyone got a better solution?

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