Printer goes Offline connected to Asus RT-AC86U


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I have a Kyocera 7240cdn printer plugged directly into the USB 3 port on the back of the Asus RT-AC86U router.

I use a laptop and a desktop computer connected to the router. The desktop is hardwired into the router, and the laptop is connected via WiFi.

The first problem is that from time to time the printer goes offline.

By trial and error, I discovered how to get it back online.

I go to

USB Applications

Network Printer server

Turn off, and then on again

This brings the printer online to use with the Laptop.

Yesterday I discovered by printing a particular file from Photoshop, the printer went offline, and would not print the file.

I tried this a number of times, and the printer went offline every time I tried to print that file.

I could print other files ok from Photoshop.

The desktop PC access is another problem.

From Settings, I go to Printers & Scanners, and then

Add Printer

When it searches for a printer, it cannot find it.

Any suggestions on how to fix either of the two problems?

Thanks in Advance,

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