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Problem flashing Merlin firmware on Asus rt ax56u

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I've just bought an rt ax56u. It came with Asus fw which appears to be the latest version from Asus. I've tried to flash merlin rt ax56u-3004-386.6.0 (the very latest available). During the flashing process the message is "updating plse wait" or similar. At the end of the process (no progress indicator) but after about 10 minutes. When I again login in to the router, it still show as still having having orininal the Asus fw. So effectively it won't accept the merlin firmware. I'm using a usb/ethernet adapter to connect my pc to the rt ax56u.

Why is the fw update not occurring? Is there a solution?
Which version is this router? I think merlin is not compatible with the v2.
Solved. The problem occurred when using the usb/ethernet adapter. Later I tried with a direct connection to my laptop ethernet port and the flash was successful.

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