Problem with login to the router after firmware upgrade


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I'm using the router ASUS RT-AC68U, hardware version E1 from year 2017, and I've upgraded the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware from version 384.19_0 to version 386.3_2.
After the upgrade all internet connections of the connected devices seem to work fine, but unfortunatelly I have lost access to the login page of the router - the page cannot be displayed

I had the access only a short time after the upgrade (ca. 2-3 minutes, could check the settings) but not later.
I also get the access when I switch the router off and on, but also only for 2-3 minutes.
After that the login page only appears every 10-15 minutes for a very short time and then it is not available again.

Do you have any idea about the reason and could help with the solution of this problem?

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Have you read changelog?


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Thank you for this thread. I will check again tomorrow..
I've been checkig and see that the login-page started to be available again.
So the system needed about 5 hours to be ready.
It is functioning properly now.
Thank you, Correlor, for the above link. It was helpful.
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What you mean with the change log?
- NOTE: Some users upgrading might have to go through some
database maintenance on first boot, which means the
router might be slower or have a non-responsive webui
for a while.
This can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour,
depending on your model, just give it time to complete
the process.

- NOTE: First time you boot into this version, you need to
either shift-reload the main index page, or clear
your browser cache.
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