Problems copying files from Windows 10 (1909) to QNAP TS-251+ (1310)

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Windows 10 v. 1909 (former 1809)
Qnap TS-251+ v. 1310 (former 1302)

Before (former versions) I could copy/paste (and draw) files from Win10
Explorer to my Qnap folder (Multimedia) without any problems, but now
it's impossible (drawing into the folder shows a "not allowed sign" (*).
Copy/paste doesn't do anything.

Tried to downgrade Qnap to version 1302 - without any luck. So the v. 1310
may be ok.

If I link my Qnap folder (Multimedia) to Win10 Explorer as a network drive,
I have no problems with the transfer of files.

I have another Qnap (TS-253 Pro) with same settings, which is working as
expected. All devices in my LAN is using same UserID and PasswordID, and
same HomeGroup.

Conclusion: The combination of Qnap TS-251+ and Windows 10 v. 1909, has a
problem (bug). Have any others noticed this, and have a solution ??


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Now changed to Windows 10 v. 2014 and TS-251+ v. 1400.
"Homegroup" should be "Workgroup".
The problem still exist :-(


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I never use mapped drives in Windows. No issues copying to any directories I want. From the QNAP NAS or to it from any Windows 10 device I care to try with.

Doesn't matter if it is my own computer(s) or guest devices with varying levels of Windows updates applied.

I also never use the default 'Workgroup' workgroup either. It is always a custom name for each network I set up.

How much customization have you done to your QNAP and/or your Windows computer(s)? These things just work right out of the box, otherwise.

What User permissions have you allowed on the QNAP? Maybe try recreating them (at least a test one).

Same for the folder permissions, try recreating them.

Create a new network workgroup (i.e. LGR) and be sure to indicate it on all devices (at least one computer and the QNAP). Reboot the entire network including the QNAP and the computers you'll be testing with before testing.

Does a reboot of the entire network including the NAS and your computer(s) solve the issue?

Does powering off the entire network for up to an hour help?

How many versions of Windows have your computers being upgraded from? A few computers with random glitches were found perfectly stable after a clean install of the latest v2014 OS directly from Microsoft (created a bootable USB installer).

Also, why aren't you using the latest firmware for your NAS? build 20200817

Finally, curious why you haven't updated your post since May 31st since you're still having issues? :)


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Thanks for your answer - and input to the problem.
1) You have never had any problem copying files from Win to NAS.
Neither have I, before Win10 v.1909. (Win10 v. 1809 worked as expected)
2) My workgroup isn't "WORKGROUP", but something else, but the same name within all my devices.
3) Not much customization. Basically my NAS's (QNAP 253 Pro and 251+ has same settings).
4) "User permissions" is the same all over, and my credentials (User+PW) are the same.
Folder permissions, too.
5) Shot down, close all devices ect. doesn't help.
6) Windows 10 history: 1809, 1909 and latest 2004.
7) As told in my follow-up msg. I use 1400 on my QNAP's
8) Your finally Q..... I dont expect ppl. always having a solution to my problems. The problem is not
a disaster, as I can make a network link, without any problem. Just an extra step to do :)
But thanks anyway.
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