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Promise NS4300 Technical Questions(and hopefully answers!)

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New Around Here
First, the Promise NS4300 is a wonderful NAS. So, here's my question:

Is there any way to have the NAS do a scheduled backup of files on the NAS to a USB HDD that is attached to the NS4300?(Without hacking the OS and setting up a Cron job?). I DO NOT want to have to leave a PC on and run a scheduled backup on a PC and have it copy it from one NS4300 share to the NS4300 attached USB drive. I want the NAS to do it all by itself.

My scenerio: I has an NS4300(for home use), that is replacing a Windows Server that I was using for file storage. On the Windoze box, I attached an external USB HDD and was running daily/weekly/monthly backups of the data drives to the attached USB HDD.(This was being done in the event the server took a dump and I needed the files. Secondarily, it was being done so I could swap external HDD's and put one in the firesafe).

Second Question:
Is there a way to "unshare" the attached USB HDD so "public" users can not see/access it(Ie; I don't want my kids to access it and accidently wipe out my backups.)

Thanx for any help.
There is no attached drive scheduled backup feature on the NS4300N or newer NS4600.

If you don't see a way to set permissions on the USB drive, then there isn't a way.

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