question for those using an rt-ac68u as router and another ac68u as wifi aimesh node

Yipee Kaiyay

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is your setup stable? my node seems to conk out randomly . i even lose lan connection (on node) at the same time.

if you do have long uptime with both your router and node, what firmware are you using? any changes to the settings like roaming assist, etc.?
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I have an ac86u and a 68u but I am using a wired connection between them and it's working fine on the latest official firmware.

Yipee Kaiyay

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so, after trying out bunch of different asus and merlin firmware , , i'm now trying out freshtomato with wireless ethernet bridge+virtual wifi using the same ssid as my main router.
was happy to find that tomato also has the roaming assist feature.

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