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Question for you experts, need some device recommendations

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New Around Here
Okay, my question is about wireless and wired... I hope it's okay I post in this section.

Here's my current set up:

I have a wired D-link DI-604 router in my bedroom- this is where my cable modem is housed. This router has 4 computers wired to it. These computers do the normal family things, i.e., online multi-player gaming, torrent downloads, etc.

Also connected to the DI-604 is a D-link DWL-2100AP wireless access point. I have the access point in my living room and it provides wireless connectivity to the XBOX, Wii and laptop.

Unfortunately, I had a power surge and both units are dead and far removed from their respective warranty periods.

I haven't been in the router/access point market in quite some time and I am looking for some recommendations on what some good choices are to upgrade to. Cost isn't too much of a factor, ,within reason.

PS - The reason why I need the access point is because my bedroom is too far away from my living room and there's too many obstacles/walls to get good wireless reception in the living room from the bedroom.

I really appreciate your help!

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