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New Around Here
Hello everyone,
I recently bought an Asus RT-AX58U router for my mom's 2 story house. I'm very happy with the purchase but i'd like to extend the wifi coverage throughout the house. The router is located on the top floor and, while the default wifi coverage is okay on the ground floor, i'd like to make it even better. So i could go one of 2 ways:
1.) Powerline adapter. This could be a bit tricky given the fact that they only work when plugged in directly into the wall socket.
2.) Set up a mesh network by adding another compatible router to the ground floor.
So here comes my question: If most devices e.g. phones, laptops have issues with the Wifi signal in certain spots on the ground floor, won't the 2nd router have the same connectivity issues ? Or is it just better at receiving the wifi signal from the main router?
And if i were to go down the mesh network route, what router would you recommend as the secondary ( preferably cheaper than the AX58U )


Ronald Schwerer

Very Senior Member
Place the 2nd router (a node) 1/2 way between the upstairs router and the area where the signal is weak. Of course this is assuming wireless backhaul. The best choice is to somehow get a CAT-5E or better cable down in that area. Next best - if you've got TV coax in various locations, is MoCA adapters. Powerline adapters can work OK sometimes, but are very dependent on the quality is wiring and whether the outlets are on the same power phase/breaker.

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