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RBR50 won't sync with RBS50 satellites

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I gave away my entire RBR40 system and replaced it with a RBR50 I scored from a friend. Yes none of the RBR40 components are involved, I've triple checked they are all now RBR50 or RBS50. I cannot get the RBR50 to notice the RBS50 as a satellite neither when the two are connected wirelessly nor wired. I've tried my preferred method of just setting up the router first and then using the sync button doing one satellite at a time, I've tried using both the web and phone apps... i manually uploaded the latest firmware and even downgraded them all.

- I factory reset A LOT throughout the process

- I even tried flashing via the nmrpflash tool to confirm the routers firmware was correctly installed.

- i've gotten the satellites to connect to the router both wirelessly and wired

- the satellites show as devices in the connected device list and not as satellites in both wired/wireless setups.

- i don't believe the router is noticing the devices as satellites at all, the admin username/password for the router webpage doesn't cascade down to the satellites webpage like how it should - the satellites page stays as the default setup admin/password

- when trying to sync wirelessly the satellite turns magenta then cycles to blue

- when syncing via wired connection the lights turn off like how it should, but the satellite still shows as a device.

I had my rbr40 system working flawlessly, and again I'm not having success wired/wirelessly - I say this because I read about channel interference causing issues for wireless backhaul. Unfortunately I do not have an additional rbr50 to try out.
Be sure that the RBS40 has most current version of FW loaded on it.
What FW version is on the RBS40?

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