Replaced asus n66U VPN server cert/keys with new how do i paste new client key so it outputs working open vpn config?

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I used windows easy-RSA to generate new 256 AES keys. It works fine but now when I export a Export OpenVPN configuration file its missing the client information. I have to manually open the client keys on my windows machine and paste in the client cert and key.

The router must have a default client key/cert that was matched with its default CA and server cert/key. The client key export deactivates when you paste in new keys losing the ability to export a working ready to go open vpn config file.

Now I've changed those keys by pasting in the new ones. I do not see a place to paste in a new client key so it creates a open VPN config file like it did before.

Below where it says "paste client certificate data here" by default it use to output the client key. So I need somehow paste the new client keys into the router but I don't see where. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

paste client certificate data here
paste client key data here
resolv-retry infinite

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-18 at 2.43.44 AM.jpeg

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