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Request for new User Script hook

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When running VPN in Exclusive mode, all local DNS requests fail when sourced locally, targeting locally (i.e. nslookup requests made from a device on the local network about another device on the same local network). I came up with a fix for this involving inserting a custom rule at the head of the VPNx chain. The fix works fine until a VPN Director rule is changed (i.e. enabled, disabled, deleted etc) as the Director re-writes those rules from scratch in those instances.

Since there is no hook in jffs/scripts that gets called when this VPN Director event occurs, the custom rule that I added needs to be re-added manually to restore the fix, so I am requesting a "vpn-director" hook (or whatever it might be called) that would be run after the Director has committed the VPNx chain, or editing of that chain has occured.

Merlin 386.7_2 on RT-AC86U

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