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Router and client show different IP addresses for client

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I am having a weird issue, a Macbook Pro in my network is showing one IP address for itself while the router is showing a different one for it. Normally I would be like "that's odd" and move on, but the VPN Director is clearly not functioning properly because of this (and probably a whole bunch of other stuff too).

I had the IP bound to this particular machine's MAC address, but the machine says it's on
Pinging or from any client in the network or the router times out.
The Macbook is setup to get its address via DHCP as it should.

I am guessing the Apple machine is doing something shady but I don't know what it could be. I checked the settings to see if it was masking the MAC address but I cannot seem to find that it is doing so.

Any help appreciated.
Have you tried turning your router off and back on?
Have you tried turning your router off and back on?
And turning off the Mac - afterwards first the Router On (wait for final startup) and then the Mac - let's see what happens...
What device do you use to connect to your ISP?

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