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Router Client Naming

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Been playing with networking a laptop and a music server to my desktop PC using an ASUS RT- AC66 router. Looking at ‘network places” on my desktop PC I see names of the PC, the laptop and the server as they are assigned in the laptop and desktop ( in this case AlandeskPC, Sonylaptop and Azuroff). I understand these are the NETBIOS names?

If I change the assigned names via settings for the 3 items the names in network places change accordingly.

However when I look at the client list for my ASUS router they are identified as AlandeskPC, Sony and Azur and they don’t change if I change if I change the individual names.

Just curious as to where the router gets their names from?






Regular Contributor
The router gets what the client sends as its "hostname" when they negotiate DHCP.

In GNU/Linux it's the character string declared in /etc/hostname (don't know about Windows or MAC).


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However you're changing the name, break and re-establish the connection afterward. See if that gets done what you're looking for.

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