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Router is either crashing or wifi is cutting out

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It seems suspicious that there are no messages at all prior to the syslogd started in either log file. There is no indication that the router crashed so it looks more like a deliberate reboot or a power off/on.

Also suspicious is that fact that starting at midnight Skynet was blocking connections to dns.adguard.com. But that might be because you want to block DoT and DoH there.
My situation and router logs look nearly identical to his. In fact router crashed around the same time, except they display May 5th default time. Blocked IP address was the Entware opkg update which connected to the Russian owned Yandex.Cloud LLC service. I didn't see any IDS associated with it so I whitelisted to verify the Entware packages. Most of the time I notice my system up time isn't consistent and seems that my router is just crashing and rebooting on its own over night. I've wiped this router a couple times already just to make sure firmware is clean and I try to perform the most minimal setup to avoid crashing, but it most often does it while I'm sleeping. Scribe has been an issue in the past so I've completely avoided it in this build, and I even used some of the commands just to make sure there aren't any remnants. I wonder if it's just some kind of memory issue? While I'm working on it, rebooting from GUI I verified that it does indeed retain logs from before the boot, just not in this bizarre overnight occurrence.

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