Router Traffic (192.168.X.1) not going through the VPN?

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I have Aria2 running on my AX88U. I wanted to confirm that traffic from Aria2 was routing through the VPN. I thought I could do this by SSH into the router and determining my public IP. When I run various commands via SSH to check (like curl, the IP that is returned is the ISP IP, and not the expected VPN IP.

Am I missing something? It doesn't seem my router traffic is going though the VPN (as expected and set up on my VPN client (details below). All my other clients are routed through the VPN as expected.

My set-up:

AX-88U w/ Merlin 384.18B
- Diversion, Fresh JR QoS, Unbound, Aria2 installed
- OpenVPN Server running (to connect to router while away from home)
- OpenVPN Client, connecting to PIA
- DNS configuration set to Exclusive
- Force Internet Traffic to Tunnel set to Policy Rules (Strict)
- All clients pushed to VPN 192.168.x.0/24
- Select clients pushed to WAN (but not router IP)

Thanks for any help


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Any help here? I don't understand why I'm getting my ISP IP when checking from the router.


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Hi @Yooshaw ! I'm dealing with the same issue. All clients on lan go to Internet trough VPN, but not the router itself. Did you find any solution for this???

Thanks on advance.

Best regards!


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No luck, I gave up. I see your other thread, following that.


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HI @Yooshaw , yes, you have to modify config of Pyload and Transmission to set them to listen on router ip ( on my case), and not, that means listening on all interfaces.

And of course set policy rules in VPN Client to pass trough VPN all packets comming from

Let me know if you can resolve the issue.



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