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router w/ usb perf

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What kind of performance am I likely to get if I attach a hard drive to a router's usb port (like one of the linksys wrt models)?

Why do they bother? Simple IMHO.

I have DD-WRT which has absolutely no storage usable. To be able to keep my syslogs I need to move them off the device somehow, or (as I am currently doing) use an external syslog server. We're not talking about massive amounts of data here, but the RAM is so limited on these guys that logs etc. are thrown away very quickly so that RAM does not become exhausted. I guess there are numerous other reasons too.
I dont think its very practical as a real file server, but very usefull to have in other cases.

Cheers Brian
Ouch. USB blows. Why do they bother?

Having more features differentiates the product. All things being equal, people tend to buy a product with more features (more bang for the buck).

For some users, even very slow file sharing may be better than none at all.

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