router with phone app and one touch wifi disconnect for list of mac addresses

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subject says it all i guess, i am looking for a router recommendation for home where i can disable wifi for a list of mac addresses (my childrens devices) as easily as possible. preferably from a phone app with as little digging through menus as possible. i don't need a scheduler, just need to be able to push a button and enable/disable them from wifi.

i currently am running straight from an Actiontec t3200m but doing the above means going through a bunch of menus and then having to add and remove each device separately.

thanks a bunch.


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Does the router you're using now have Guest networks? If it does, put them all on one and simply enable, disable internet access for that network as you see fit.

If it doesn't, you can do the same with almost any current router you can buy today.

You may want to look at what @thelonelycoder has available for the iPhone crowd too (sorry, forget what its called), but it does what you want via an 'app'.


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thats a great idea... i've had a look and its definitely easier. i've also been advised that the asus app works fairly easily and a look at the app, while not appearing to be able to disable a list of devices, does make it fairly easy to disable internet for specific devices.

any idea why such functionality seems to only support disable of internet instead of wifi altogether? i would like the ability to disable to the home network as well if possible.


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You can turn WiFi on and off too. But I would not be suggesting to use the Asus router app for this (known security risk).

You can also turn off the WAN too for a total blackout if you wish. ;)

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