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Routing device or entire guest network band to second WAN connection

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I want to be able to utilize two WAN connections on an AiMesh, both running simultaneously, and route either specific devices or an entire guest network band to the second WAN. The kicker is, I need the WAN connection to be on separate nodes of the mesh.

Here’s the setup: Two XT9s with stock firmware in mesh, main router connected to 250/250mb up/down dish ISP1 on WAN port. XTs are are backloading over WiFi. I also have a 50/5mb cable modem through a second ISP (we’ll call it ISP2) physically sitting next to node 2, but not currently connected to the mesh. The ISP access points are at different ends of the house, and I don’t have a way to physically cable between the two. Right now I have my work desktop hard wired to ISP2, and WiFi to mesh/ISP1. I also have a lot of low bandwidth IOT devices connected to a dedicated 2.4 ghz guest network on the mesh, obviously going to ISP1

The problem is that ISP1 dish, while faster, can disconnect frequently. ISP2 is slower but rock solid. I need the IOT devices on mesh WiFi to route through ISP2, because they don’t recover from the disconnects well. Second, it would be nice (but not necessary) if I could split traffic from the work Mac Mini between the two- VOIP (specifically MS Teams) and Horizon VM client through ISP2, and all other traffic to ISP1.

Can this be accomplished by plugging ISP2 into a LAN port, and routing? I’m an IT professional, but network/routing idiot, relatively speaking. :)


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