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RT-AC2900 Remove Mesh node from .cfg and import settings

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Hi all

I'm in a pickle. I have a node I can add to my main router "graphically" but it never shows upp after being added.

Main router: ASUS RT-AC2900
Node1: Asus ZEN Wifi XD4R (Router as Node)
Node2: Asus ZEN Wifi XD4N (Node only)

Node2 was once connected to Main, it then dropped off over night and can't be added again.
I've done a hard reset to no avail, tried to reflash firmware to no avail.
The one and only solution so far is to reset main router then Node2 can be added again properly.
If i export my settings, reset router and import settings the issue persists, only a clean reset without import works for Node2

This however is not a good option since I will loose all my config and its tedious to redo everything
should this happen again.

If I export my config and look at its data through wrtsettings software I find only 1 mention I can link to Node2
and that is its MAC adress alongside Node1 in the key
cfg_relist_x = <**:**:**:**:35:00>>><**:**:**:**:35:10>>>
where node1 ens in 35:00 and node2 ends in 35:10.

If I alter this key to:
cfg_relist_x = <**:**:**:**:35:00>>>
  1. Is it a safe way to delete this mention of Node2 so that I might import the settings and try to readd it as a node?
  2. Is there anything else I should try/look for?


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If a clean install works, then your main router is not in a good/known state.

If you try deleting keys as you suggest above and it works, you've saved yourself some time by not having to do a minimal and manual configuration.

However, IME, if a router is showing signs of being unstable, it will continue to be so until it is reset fully and an M&M configuration is performed.

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