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RT AC68 as AP - Simple VLAN Creation Question

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New Around Here
Hi All,

I'm trying to create VLANs on my Asus RT AC68u (FW 384.11_2) currently configured as an access point.

What I'd like to do (to minimize additional tinkering on my network), is to keep untagged traffic as is and on the main network, and to have VLANs on all the other ports.

I've read the other threads on this, and I don't really understand some of the other commands being run (and therefore I can't just simply modify the code posted and run it).

My current main LAN: - untagged

VLANs: ID 10 ID 20

For ease of configuration, I'd like all 4 LAN ports to read untagged packets and keep them on the main LAN, and add VLANs 10 and 20 to them.

When this is setup, would there be any way to setup VLANs between different SSIDs?
SSID 1 - Main LAN
SSID 2 - VLAN 10
SSID 3 - VLAN 20

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*I have some experience with SSH, but mostly with Ubuntu and CentOS. I don't understand robocfg so much :|

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