RT-ac68u and Edge Router x with Vlans

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Good day, I am a complete newbie to vlans and openvpn and need some guidance.

I heard that openvpn slows down network but is that only when I actually vpn from outside or will it slow down the network even when there is no vpn access in progress from outside.

Do I use just the edgerouter x ?
Do I place asus router behind edge router
Do I place the edge router x behind the asus
Do I use one of the ddwrt routers

Hardware I have: current Asus rt-ac68u main router

new: Edge Router x and unifi AP LR (not in use yet)

old tp-link841N x 2 with ddwrt (not

I want to split my network:

1) IoT , smart tv devices
2) Guest wifi hotspot
3) LAN and printer


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