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RT-AC68U firmware Merlin 384.12 USB3 external disk unmounted

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I've recently upgraded my router firmware to Merlin 384.12 and now my external drive won't mount with USB3.
I've tested with the followings and the drive is working correctly
- connect to my PC
- connect to router using USB2

- the router has its own power supply
- I've switched off the router and restart but keep getting 'unmounted' when using USB3.

Could you give me some pointers on where to look etc to resolve the issue with USB3 on the router please.

Thanks in advance

maybe you had USB3 port set to USB2.0 speed (per firmware default) and now it changed to 3.0 mode.
thank you for your reply. How do I check to see what USB3 speed is set to on my router?
Also my external drive is in a USB3 casing and is working correctly when connected to a USB3 socket on my PC.
I would expect this to work on my router even if the USB3 is now set to 3.0 mode.


you can change it on networkmap main page while USB is in 3.0 port.
Dont expect too much.

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