RT-AC86U - no wifi / no macadress /no chanel number

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I get Asus RT-AC86U - it was dead but i recovered fw using asus restoration tool and now it's working.
After restoring fw was working only 5GHz wifi so I cleaned nvram (by holding WPS button, by configration site and by telnet/ssh) and then died even 5GHz radio.

In configuration site I don't see macadress for radios , in chanel selection there is only chanel 0 (I know that i wrong).

Have anyone idea what sholud I check or set? Mayby there isn't set country for radios?
If it is nessesery I've got serial cable and I can dissasembly router and connect it by serial.

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I don't think so. It's software problem - similiar things happend when we edit cfe in Linksys EA6700/6900 to work with DDWRT/Tomato etc.
I downladed CFE from this AC86u but i can't open it with Vortex cfe editor :(


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try to clear nvram via miniCFE and load FW one more time form miniCFE

to get to miniCFE - put router in recovery mode (reset hold and power up, power LED start to blink after 10s or more (40s even)) then do not use Asus Firmware restoration but use Firefox to log at (you would see miniCFE). If minicCFE wil not popup set PC IP and try again. You have there option to reset nvram and install FW. If this not help install very old FW boot router check and then install latest FW and check.

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Sorry for long replay but I didn't have free time.

I try miniCFE metod but to enter to miniCFE I must hold WPS button - not the reset . If I hold reset button and turn ON router miniCFE doesn't work but I can use Asus firmware restoration tool.

After instaling old FW (it was FW from 2018 is there older fw? ) by miniCFE 5GHz wifi started working but there still is missing 2,4GHz.
In miniCFE I don't have CLEAR NVRAM button :(

Next thing that I done - I changed few things in advanced wifi settings and now router died :) . Now I can only load FW by Asus firmware restoration tool . When I will have free time i will bring it back to life or I will connect serial console and look what there is .

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