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RT-AC86U with several TP Link AP wired

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Hello all

I have an RT-AC86U running merlin, and to improve my wifi coverage I added a small nano TP Link router as wired AP to my RT-AC86U (WR802N)

I started with one outside, with the goal of improving wifi connection for some IoT device, but I noticed that some of my devices choose to connect to this one, instead of the RT-AC86U, I discovered this with bandwith issue, so I blacklisted the @MAC on the TP link, to force them connect to the RT-AC86U.
Well now I just added a TL-WA860RE upstair, same configuration, wired to the RT-AC86U, configured as AP.

Both AP broadcast the main SSID, with the same password as the RT-AC86U
Both are fed with DCPH by the RT-AC86U
Both are wired directly to the RT-AC86U
That's all, not other configuration.

SO, I'm wondering how to configure all of this correctly.
Should I use the same channel on all of them or different ones ? (currently there are not the same)
How do I improve roaming ? not that I move a lot inside the house, except for my smartphone, but I'd like to be sure my device connect to the nearest AP.

Well, basically, I couldn't find a guide for proper configuration or tips

And last, is there anything I could do on the RT-AC86U to improve ? option or anything ?
Thx a lot for your help, and sorry for the long post :)
Not the best AP choice, but if used for IoTs only you can set separate SSID/channel for IoTs only.

If used by other devices as well - you can set the same SSID on same or different channels, test what works best for you. Different channels will offer more available bandwidth and higher aggregate throughput to your clients. Your only tool for eventual roaming improvement is Tx power setting on the router and whatever you have for APs. You can play with Roaming Assistant on your Asus router as well, but you may find it not working.
Thx for your answer.
Well after a few days it seems to works fine
I already have setup the roaming assistant, but I don't really know if it works fine.
Anyway I also set up different channel.

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