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RT-AC88U and Wi-Fi Sweetspots Issue

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Tommy Grace

Regular Contributor
Hi Guys

First post here. I have just bought an RT-AC88U and so far i have been fairly pleased with it. Although it seems that if you make any wireless changes the CPU then ramps right up and will only drop with a hard reboot which seems a little strange but hey ho.

Anyway i like to use Wi-Fi Sweetspots app for IOS and Android to check the Wi-Fi performance in various areas of the house but over the last 2 days have noticed a strange issue. Whenever i run the app my new router seems to stop responding or become sluggish and completely drop the WAN connection to my modem. It then goes through the PPP auth process and the internet re-connects. I am pretty certain when i first bought the router that it never did this. I used to use the app on my previous DSL-AC68U with no issues. I am currently running the very latest standard firmware but it also did the same on the previous firmware. When i check the CPU (if i can get on to the GUI) it doesn't seem like it is maxing out and there is nothing in the logs other then the WAN disconnecting. Any ideas? I have logged a support ticket with ASUS but not holding out much hope.

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