RT-AX86U as upgrade from r7000p (DD-WRT)?


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I'm currently running a r7000p with DD-WRT as a dumb AP. (My home is single level at approximately 2900 sqft.) It's connected to a HP switch that's connected to an APU2. The APU2 does NAT, packet filtering, DHCP, NTP, and DNS cache (unbound).

I'm thinking through upgrading my network to future proof it for the next 5 years. I'll probably go with a Protectli as a replacement for the APU2, and I'm still shopping 2.5g switches.

I thought about buying a dedicated AP, but I like the wireless as a fallback if my gateway dies. In my current setup, if my APU2 dies, I'll turn some knobs in DD-WRT to make it a router until I can get it replaced.

Is the RT-AX86U a good to go dumb AP with the 2.5g port? I'm slowly adding AX devices. We're replacing our personal laptops next month, and our work computers and phones are already WIFI 6 capable.


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