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Hi all,

I have an RT-AX88U with the previous RT-AC86U that I migrated from, now used as a repeater - My bricks and mortar house in the UK isn't big but I have a Ring Spot Cam in my garden that just can't get a good enough signal from the AX88U thats near the front/middle of the house, plus the AC86U also helps give decent WIFI coverage for my garden generally...

So I'm looking for a replacement for the AC86U that supports AX and AiMesh, with good range but also low cost. My original theory was I could just get an RP-AX56U... but they aren't super easy to find in the UK, they are a similar price to AiMesh compatible routers and the 'compact' nature has me wondering is the range is actually that good. Then I started looking at other options, and to be honest there are quite a few to pick from, but I can't find a clear comparison of them... so posting here to solicit advice form anyone who has already tested any of these devices. My current options (UK prices at time of writing):
  • ASUS RP-AX56 AX1800 - £90
  • ASUS RT-AX53U - £80
  • Asus XD4 AX1800 - £80
  • Asus RT-AX55 - £80
  • ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 V2 - £105
Range/coverage is primary, but would like something thats not a power hog. Wired backhaul is an option (in time... I can't lay the cable straight away so will be wireless to begin with). Throughput and latency are important but just need to be reasonable, it will be serving less than 10 devices (prob even less than 5 for the most part) on average since the AX88U is in the heart of the house, this device would go in a rear extension/conservatory (still brick & glass though). Cost is a factor, so aiming for £80-100ish.

Thanks in advance for all and any advice!


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I have almost exactly the same situation. Also incidentally in the UK.

Our garden Ring camera works nicely when using an XT8 as an AiMesh node. Like you it was initially wireless, but is now cabled for the back haul. Both options worked well.

Right now there is a used one for £120 buy it now on eBay. They crop up around this price every few weeks. A little over your budget, but it tucks away nicely on the conservatory window ledge.

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