RT-AX88U with Merlin - WiFi packet loss when enabling Game Device Prioritizing

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I've recently installed Merlin on my new RT-AX88U.
I'm not sure if this issue exists on AsusWRT but it seems like enabling Game Device Prioritizing from the "Game" section causes packet loss in WiFi devices.

I've enabled Game Device Prioritizing for my desktop PC which is connected with a network cable and when performing a speedtest with speedtest.net, packet loss is at 0%.
However, when speedtesting from my Galaxy S20 FE 5G connected to my 5GHz 160MHz WIFI6 network, packet loss ranges from 10-20%.
It may have been a coincidence but if I disabled AX and switched to AC, packet loss was at 0% again.
When I disabled Game Device Prioritizing, packet loss was at 0% again even in WiFi6 which makes me fairly certain that the packet loss was indeed caused by Game Device Prioritizing.

If anyone manages to reproduce it, please let me know


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Where do you see pkt loss info on speedtest.net mobile site? Are you using speed test app on mobile?
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