RT-N16 router not staying in rescue mode.

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i have tried to upgrade DD-WRT to asus merlin LTS firmware.
now router is not staying in rescue mode.
attaching a link of video.
plz help me rescue my router.


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try 30-30-30 Reset: Press reset button for 30 seconds. While holding, unplug router for 30 seconds, power on, hold 30 seconds


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there is on RT-N16 I have this router from 2009 and it helped me XX no of times. 30/30/30 is not working from Asus N66U but was for routers before.

you can try 30/30/30 with WPS (not reset) button for RT-N16 too


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I think it depends on the firmware level though? If the firmware is current, 30-30-30 doesn't do anything except what a regular reset via the Reset button does.


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not sure, I am not expert in this matter just used it 100+ times on WL-500W and N16 and worked - soft I used was dd-wrt, tomato

same ref https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Hard_reset_or_30/30/30

what is strange and basically not approved anywhere (same pages tell it can damage router) I used 30/30/30 way on AC66u, AC56U and AC68U A1 when nothing else was working and was able to recovered it to point I was able to use Firmware Restoration or TFTP.


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Okay, let me clarify the point above. There is no 30-30-30 reset on Asus routers running Asuswrt firmware.

30-30-30 reset may work on dd-wrt and tomato (as it is designed to) powered Asus hardware.


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Firstly return stock firmware by tftp before updating merlin.

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