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Securing a NAS without using a VPN

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Hi L&LD, thanks.
I've got a Proton VPN account for outside VPN connection.
But I don't want to have to be connected to my personal VPN server to access the server.
I share the NAS with a few people who won't necessarily be VPN users.
How do you expect this to work then? :)

I would not allow Proton VPN (or any other paid-for VPN), access to my NAS.

How are these other NAS users connecting to the NAS then?
I use a DDNS for keep the same acces. But since i add a routeur behind my internet provider, I don't have anymore access to NAS from outside. It's a problem i have to study.

User access mostly to a plex server i share with family. They can't all use VPN.

I hadn't seen the subject like that, for the opening of the VPN by a provider.
It's mainly use to secure the NAS's access to the Internet.
I may not be understanding you correctly...

But with a double-NAT'd router (your RT-AX88U Pro, which is behind your ISP-provided router), you can still connect via OpenVPN if you allow the correct port on the ISP router.

If they're not using a VPN to connect to your home network, I wouldn't let them connect at all. How are they connecting then? This isn't 'optional'.
Do a quick Google search on "NAS malware" and you may want to rethink exposing your NAS to outside access without a VPN.
As most mention - sharing files across the internet isn't a good idea...

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