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Seeking opinions: hardware appropriate-ness?

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New Around Here

I'm looking to replace my router and wifi throughout the house entirely, and due to positive experiences in the past I'm looking to go back to Asus with Merlin firmware. I was hoping someone would be able to give me a sanity check on my plans, on my shopping list I have:
  • GT-AX11000: to use as router, connected to cable modem, running Merlin firmware
  • RT-AX92U (2 Pack): to use as AiMesh satellite APs (presuming nothing to gain by adding Merlin to these? [Edit: there is no Merlin for these, duh!])
The house is only 1700sqft, so I think between the three devices coverage should be very good, but I have no past experience with AiMesh and am uncertain of any implications for it by running Merlin FW.
Would appreciate if anyone can let me know if there may be issues, mismatches, or foolishness about my selections (maybe there are better options?)


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