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Setting up NAS->NAS backup w/ Mac

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New Around Here
I am a new user to this wonderful website. Thank you to everyone for all of the information that you have all posted. I have combed through so much of it, but still can't seem to organize the information that I need. I am running Mac OS 10.5.7. I am looking to create a Time Machine-compatible NAS that will then have a USB-attached drive to back up that NAS. This NAS will also include primary storage of photo and media files. I imagine 2 partitions- one for storage, one for Time Machine. That will take care of my on-site storage and backup. I then want to set up an additional offsite NAS, possibly at a family members home, connected to their DSL/Cable connection. Here's the catch- their computer won't be on for extended periods of time, so it will need to be totally self-contained and web-accessible.

Can this be done?

Please feel free to point me to any other threads that might help me solve this puzzle.

Thanks in advance.
Look at the newer Buffalo NASes. I think they can handle all your needs. Buffalo doesn't advertise its Web access service much, but it should handle your offsite NAS needs.
Thank you


Thank you for the information. The Buffalo systems were on my short list. Can you refer me to any of your articles or forum threads that could give me information about setting things up? I would probably want to partition a 2TB model into a 1TB Time Machine Disk, and a 1TB data drive for my files. I would then back both partitions up to a USB connected 2TB drive and an internet attached 2TB NAS with another 2TB USB-attached drive (I live in Florida and have gone through 3 hurricanes- better safe than sorry).


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