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Setup a firewall rule to block UDP port 443 from client IP address to any address

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I have a TCL Roku TV and when I try the YouTube app it just buffers constantly. Someone on a forum said they fixed it by:

1.) Setup a static DHCP lease of my firewall to ensure that the TV always gets the same IP
2.) Setup a firewall rule to block UDP port 443 from the television's IP address to any address. This will block QUIC negotiation, resulting in a downshift in protocol.
Is this Network Service Filter and if so how do I configure?
The result appears to have forced the connection away from the CDN and leverages standard TCP instead of QUIC.

Upon implementing these changes, the issue was immediately resolved.
This is a question. The steps and comments in regular type are recommended by a different forum user. My responses are in bold for this forum.
Do this (change the IP address to your own):

Ok I did that but still buffers constantly. I'll have to see if there's other ways (possible YouTube app problem). Thanks for your help.

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