SNMP on a RT-AX86S.


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Anyone do much testing with SNMP on a RT-AX86S? Running 386.72_2. I'm polling the wan interface, which shows as eth0, interface index # 11. From an OS and snmp perspective, ports 1-4 are showing in reverse, whereas port 1 is eth4 (snmp index 15), port 2 is eth3 (snmp index 14), port 3 is eth2 (snmp index 13), and port 4 is eth1 (snmp index 12). That's all well and good, just took me a bit to do a sanity check on that. Got help determining that the 2.4 and 5 Ghz wifi interfaces were eth5 and eth6 respectively. But, the input and output numbers are just all over the place from an snmp perspective. Just not in the realm of reality. Anybody see this?

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